Weight Loss Nutrition 101 - Foods That Facilitate Fat Loss (Part 2)

In part 2 of this article, I am going to look at 3 more foods that facilitate fat loss, which if it is your goal to reduce your body fat and lose weight, you should get into the habit of eating on very regular basis. These foods are "staple" foods. You can make all kinds different types and varieties of dishes with these items being the "staple" base elements. If you choose to eat these types of foods on a regular and consistent basis, not only will your body love you for it but you will achieve your weight loss and fat loss goals much quicker.

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Yams and/or sweet potato's are terrific choice for a starchy complex carbohydrate. Not only are they very tasty and flavorful but they are packed with nutritional value as well. Additionally, they are low in glycemic index which makes them a good choice when trying to reduce body fat and lose weight.

Green fibrous vegetables are another carbohydrate (they are a fibrous carbohydrate) that you will want to include in your diet regularly. They should be a top choice if burning fat is your goal. Fibrous green vegetables include lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, etc. The combination of these fibrous complex carbohydrates combined with lean protein on a regular basis is a sure fire way to reduce body fat and lose weight. Green fibrous vegetables have very few calories which make it almost impossible to eat too much of them. You can't go wrong by eating lots of green fibrous vegetables.

One last type of food I will look at in part 2 of this report which you should be a staple in your diet if you are trying to reduce your body fat and lose weight is chicken breast. I will include turkey breast as well. Chicken and turkey breast are a terrific source of lean protein. It's important to note here that I'm talking about actual chicken breast or turkey breast, not processed lunch meats that are filled with preservatives and other additives. Consistently eating chicken and turkey breast will give you lot's of lean protein and help you achieve you fat loss and weight loss goals.

3 more foods that facilitate fat loss which you should eat regularly in addition to those covered in part 1 of this article are yams/sweet potato's, fibrous green vegetables, and chicken/turkey breast. Eating these types of foods will help you reduce your body fat, lose weight, and reach your goals.

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