Guaranteed Weight Loss - How To Lose 10 Pounds

Here's how to lose 10 pounds, a guaranteed weight loss if you follow what I say. For some of you, it may happen in 2 weeks, for others it may take up to 1 month. But you will lose 10 pounds and it's not too hard to do. I even got a "new wave" exercise for you.

Guaranteed Weight Loss

1. Eat 3 apples a day

Hey, I know this is a boring tip. The sexy tips are below. But this is really effective for weight loss. Just eat an apple for snacks. Simple. Or eat them right before you eat a meal. Either way, get 3 apples inside of you a day. This tip alone will take care of 2 pounds of weight loss this month for you.

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2. Eat lentils

Lentils are packed with protein and fiber... 143 grams of fiber and 130 grams of protein in a 72 cent, 1 pound bag. To make it easy for you, just cook it all in 1 big batch and eat 2-3 ounces a day. Eat these with each meal if you can.

3. Spinning

You wanted a sexy tip, well here it is. Spinning is the "new wave" exercise because it's a health booster as well as helping with weight loss because of the affect it has on your Endocrine System. What you do is spin around in a circle, clockwise, with your arms up and out like airplane wings. Spin 10 times and see how dizzy you are.

If you get extremely dizzy from that, do 5 the next time. Whatever the number is that you feel slightly dizzy at, continue spinning with that number. Just do a few sets of spins here and there throughout the day.

4. Do hindu squats

Hindu squats force your body to suck up bodyfat because they cause such a big oxygen deficit when doing them. What you do is squat up and down as fast as you can (without weights). Touch or swipe your finger tips to the ground to demonstrate you went down far enough during the squat.

Do 100 reps in under 5 minutes. When I do these, I can literally feel the fat being burned up throughout my body. It's a weird feeling, but it feels good!

Do all of the above and you're pretty much guaranteed a massive weight loss. How to lose 10 pounds has never been easier... prove me wrong by trying this out.

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