Weight Loss Before and After - Get Inspired!

Weight loss before and after pictures can do a lot to boost motivation.

When you enter a weight loss clinic, visit a weight loss website or see an advertisement for weight loss products in a magazine, they are often filled with before and after pictures of people who have successfully lost weight using the program in question.

This kind of third party influence can be great at times; but if you need it all of the time, you are at a great loss.

I remember a friend trying to persuade me to join her gym. "I never make it down there," she remarked.

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"It's just the thought of working out by myself for 1 ½ hours. If someone would come and workout with me... I know I would be more consistent."

She never lost the weight for as long as I knew her, and the root of her failure was firmly trenched in her lack of self-motivation.

When you wake up in the morning and you know you should go to the gym before work, when you leave work in the evening and know that you should go to the gym before home, these are the moments in which you decide whether you will reach your weight loss goals or not. And when you make these decisions, more often than not, you will be alone.

Workout buddies, spotters coaching etc are great but you need to be motivated enough to workout even when they are not around.

Write your goals down, revisit them daily, hold yourself accountable. Vary your workout to stop from getting bored, read books on the subject to give you ideas of how to add variety to your workouts, do anything you can keep yourself engaged in the demanding task of losing the weight you want to loose.

It is fine to occasionally admire the before and after progress of someone who has successfully lost the weight, but don't focus on it too much. Your best results will be seen when you focus on yourself and your plight in reaching your weight loss goals.

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