Straight Facts On Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery

There are a few different kinds of weight loss surgery available. Each one comes with its own issues and considerations. Doctors will look closely at every person's individual case to determine which type will be most effective for their weight loss needs.

One common type of weight loss surgery is known as restrictive weight loss surgery. It is very common and popular and is often performed with laparoscopy.

Restrictive weight loss surgery is essentially a form of surgery which reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold. It doesn't interfere with the normal digestion and intake of nutrients. Both vertical banded Gastroplasty and Lap-Band weight loss surgery are considered restrictive weight loss surgeries.

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Vertical banded Gastroplasty is a procedure that is performed either laparoscopically or as an open procedure. The surgeon uses stomach staples during the surgery, to make a new and smaller stomach pouch.

This smaller pouch only accommodates a tiny amount of food, and the resultant restriction of food intake leads to smaller meals.

After the surgery, a patient will feel full sooner. This surgery does not affect the way the stomach digests foods. There are a few advantages of this surgery, and these are what makes it, in fact, safe.

Pros and Cons

The first advantage is that nutrients and vitamins are fully absorbed, which means no side effects such as hair loss or anemia. Also, this procedure is usually less invasive than other weight loss surgeries. Since the intestines are not altered, there is lower chance of a leakage or obstruction after surgery.

The Lap-Band procedure, a newer surgery, is also considered restrictive weight loss surgery. The benefits of this surgery are many.

It is the least invasive, and so requires much less recovery than other methods. There is no cutting, stapling or intestinal re-routing required. What is more, it is completely reversible and adjustable.

The only downside of Lap-Band surgery is that sometimes there is a slower rate of weight loss that with other surgeries. Losing weight using the Lap-Band is much steadier but can take a longer period of time.

Since this method requires saline to be added periodically, it does require a port to be implanted under the skin. Most patients report no complications with the port, however, there is a small possibility of infection at the port site.

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