Cardio Mistakes That Hurt Your Weight Loss Efforts

Here are some cardio mistakes that hurt your weight loss efforts. By eliminating these mistakes, your ability to lose weight will dramatically improve.

Cardio Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Doing slow, steady-state cardio.

This is horrible for 2 reasons.

First, when you stop exercising, you stop burning fat at an accelerated rate. You don't get an "afterburn" effect when doing slow steady-state cardio. To solve this, do HIIT instead... that stands for high intensity interval training.

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What you do is vary the intensity from all out, unbelievably intense to relaxed slow. By going up and down like that, you shock your body into speeding up your metabolism and creating an afterburn in which you burn calories at an accelerated rate for up to 18 hours after you've stopped exercising. Not bad, huh?

The second reason has to do with all of the time you need to devote to slow, steady-state cardio just to burn off a lot of calories. It's just not efficient. Without the afterburn effect, you'd have to exercise for 30 or more extra minutes just to make up the calories lost to the afterburn. So to increase your fat loss efforts, you have to increase the time you do your cardio. That's simply not a practical way going about weight loss. I'm sure your busy enough as it is, so it would be hard to squeeze in even more time to exercise.

2. Not drinking enough water while doing cardio

This is bad, bad, bad. Your body is 70% water, your blood is 90% water, and your muscles are around 75% water. Water is vital to your weight loss efforts. Just sip water constantly through your workout... and throughout your day as well. It's pretty much the simplest thing you can do do help along your weight loss efforts.

So avoid those 2 cardio related mistakes to improve your ability to lose weight.


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